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co-creating values-based businesses that drive purpose & profit 

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You like proper English with no slang and girls who don't swear
You think someone else is responsible for the current results and problems


You prefer soft messages & wishful thinking

You're really straight laced and easily offended


Rachael brings her unique and laser-like focus to any task that she is undertaking; she is creative, compassionate, adventurous, engaging, a skilled communicator and above all she is excited by the opportunity to share ideas and insights.
All that said, there is one characteristic which you should not expect of her: mediocrity. 
John Petherick, Founder Art of Selling, Phuket, Thailand


I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the difference that you make at Manpower. 

I know we have talked about this before, but I wanted to tell you that this place would not be the same without you. 

You bring to Manpower an energy, enthusiasm, and teach people (including me) about what can be accomplished when you approach each situation with the right perspective.
 I am so very grateful to you. 

You put so much heart and soul into our organisation and are a big force in shifting the culture.   
Randy Upright, CEO Manpower Services, Alberta, Canada


Do you feel like you are heard? 
The results flowing and all your people on the bus?

I often feel that Culture & Engagement is greatly misunderstood. Maybe because it's misrepresented. When referring to Culture & Engagement, this is from the frame of what structures do you have in place to support the mission of your Business for strategic growth, sustainable results which compound AND you are surrounded by people who get it, want it and are invested in your OUTCOMES.

How does ENGAGEment translate to Profits? 
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the why group - rachael jane henderson 

Reasons 4 us NOT to do business

Get the RIGHT TEAM around YOU!
Have the strategies to ensure those toxic rotten apples don't make it through the door. One bad apple easily spoils the barrel and cost your business a truck load in lost time, energy, resources, productivity and that equals profits and engagement down the drain. 

Sustainable highly profitable growth culture
Bean bags, pizza and movie tickets are nice, and have their place. Yet that's candy floss BS filler stuff and not what builds high performing environments through connecting people with their heart and minds driving results. People want to be part of something special. It's how we are wired. And it takes more than a red wall, a blue bean bag or some vegan pizza.

A specific diagnostic tailored to Your Business, Your Blueprint, Your Compass to continuously refer back to, easily align the business when Purpose, Process or People get off track. 


Whilst being an avid traveller/adventurer I have used my professional and personal life experience to build a career of excellence dedicated to values based workplace cultures. Environments that cultivate growth, businesses thrive and people share their very best selves. Both have taken me across the globe to experience many different cultures while building my muscle every step of the way, working in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. I have had the pleasure of being at the forefront of award winning culture and implementing global quality processes.

My love of learning is demonstrated through my tertiary and holistic studies. Leading with my Masters of Coaching, applying various human behaviour methodologies-integrated during my time in this field for well over a decade. Back up by Design Diploma, my love of adventure sports, movement and a Hair Dresser by trade back in the day, my many years in corporate. And now in my own business, focussed on solving the problems small business owners face every day.

These experiences/tools flavour my diverse ability to connect with varied audiences. Providing a powerful message that impacts results, increases productivity, creates thriving profitable businesses, while speaking to people's hearts and minds to execute with precision.

Word on the Street

Want to align your profits with purpose & passion?   





the why group 
Hawthorn, Melbourne
VIC 3122, Australia.

Phone: +61 428 271 915
Email: rachael@thewhygroup.com.au




“co-creating purpose values-based businesses that drive purpose & profit” – the why group 

What you stand for, care about and who you have on your team matters, complete the survey to know more...

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the why group 

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Culture & Engagement Diagnostic 
Diagnostic Overview

  • Complete diagnostic analysis of the business using a 4-Dimensional model/tool and methodology for how to think about anything we need to consider to grow revenue streams 
  • 2 Hour unpack session to uncover areas to increase productivity and revenue
  • Detailed Report contain strategies, tactics and recommendations to increase engagement and maximise profits
  • 70 question Meta Dynamics™ Leadership Profile
  • 2 Hour unpack of Leadership Profile highlighting strengths and stretches, and how to proceed to improve performance and results

    Even more than that it the core framework when making decisions regarding leadership, culture, innovation or growing your business.

    Providing the pathway best practice, standard of excellence, benchmarks that matter.

Investment: $3,497, plus GST

Culture & Engagement Diagnostic

Ensuring your business remains highly ENGAGED & PROFITABLE, with a splash or 3 of Enjoyment  

The Long Game 
Execute together 

Taking the results from the diagnostic we roll out the framework within within your business, maintaining high engagement and profits.

Tailored mix of: 

  • Strategy Sessions/Workshops with Leaders for Execution 
  • Continuous support and review every 90 days for period of 12 months
  • Executive Coaching

    Investment: Tailored to Client Needs

General rule of thumb: 

  • Monthly 2 hour Workshop with team
  • Two 45 minute Executive Coaching Sessions with Business Owner
  • Adhoc email/phone access to twg 

    Investment: $1,497 monthly retainer, 
    plus GST

The Short Game
 Execute alone...

  • 3 hours Session to unpack, review and evaluate data from Report for implementation/roll out within your business
  • Map/Blueprint for Execution created specifically for Business needs, aligned with implement strategy within current structure
  • 90 Day check in to review execution/roll out success

Investment: $2,297, plus GST

When you look around how do you know your workplace culture 
is healthy and productive? Complete the survey to learn more. 

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