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You like proper English with no slang and girls who don't swear
You think someone else is responsible for the current results and problems


You prefer soft messages & wishful thinking

You're really straight laced and easily offended


Rachael brings her unique and laser-like focus to any task that she is undertaking; she is creative, compassionate, adventurous, engaging, a skilled communicator and above all she is excited by the opportunity to share ideas and insights.
All that said, there is one characteristic which you should not expect of her: mediocrity. 
John Petherick, Founder Art of Selling, Phuket, Thailand


I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the difference that you make at Manpower. 

I know we have talked about this before, but I wanted to tell you that this place would not be the same without you. 

You bring to Manpower an energy, enthusiasm, and teach people (including me) about what can be accomplished when you approach each situation with the right perspective.
 I am so very grateful to you. 

You put so much heart and soul into our organisation and are a big force in shifting the culture.   
Randy Upright, CEO Manpower Services, Alberta, Canada


Has Your Honeymoon Ended?

We all know it, the high vibe and energy we had. Our people had. The ideas flowing, innovation on overdrive, you could hardly sleep before the coming day of work. You were so pumped to be on mission. Connected to your purpose with your bunch of super heroes by your side. That's right together you were going to change the world.

Yet at some point the eternal sunshine started to dim, some cloud coverage rolled in. The vibrancy of your staff, your environment and you, who once used to dance through the doors. Now you stroll through heavy, tired and feeling like a fake as you try to remain upbeat, certain and inspiring. 

  When your Businesses Values drive every engagement, interaction, communication, hire, fire, aka EVERYTHING you DO - the Honeymoon never ends, instead it just keeps getting better & better!

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the why group - rachael jane henderson 

Reasons 4 us NOT to do business

Never settle EVER - Get the RIGHT Culture FIT Every time
Anything less and you are inviting the cracks to form. Have the strategies to ensure toxic apples don't make it through the door. You and your people have worked way too hard to create what you already have. Let one bad apple in and it easily spoils the barrel. Costs your business lost time, moral, resources, productivity - short story crapola... 

When your Vision, Mission, Purpose and Values are communicated and lived daily within your teams, your people become consistent highly engaged performers. Why? Because they crave certainty. They crave the clarity of knowing where they are heading. Your strong leadership and direction paves the way. The daily validation and alignment of their contribution connects them to the big picture. How intergral their work is in bringing the mission to life. This connects deeply with the whole person. It's totally awesome! 

We are wired to belong, connected and to have purpose. Nail this and you nail it all...

NEVER Lower Your Standards   
Since you've taken care of the top two, part of keeping magic alive is honouring WHO we ARE, what your Business STANDS FOR. After all there are much easier roads to travel than this one, with signifantly less responsibilty. So own it, stand tall, stand proud and let the world know what your business delivers better than anyone else!!!


Whilst being an avid traveller/adventurer I have used my professional and personal life experience to build a career of excellence dedicated to values based workplace cultures. Environments that cultivate growth, businesses thrive and people share their very best selves. Both have taken me across the globe to experience many different cultures while building my muscle every step of the way, working in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. I have had the pleasure of being at the forefront of award winning culture and implementing global quality processes.

My love of learning is demonstrated through my tertiary and holistic studies. Leading with my Masters of Coaching, applying various human behaviour methodologies-integrated during my time in this field for well over a decade. Back up by Design Diploma, my love of adventure sports, movement and a Hair Dresser by trade back in the day, my many years in corporate. And now in my own business, focussed on solving the problems small business owners face every day.

These experiences/tools flavour my diverse ability to connect with varied audiences. Providing a powerful message that impacts results, increases productivity, creates thriving profitable businesses, while speaking to people's hearts and minds to execute with precision.

Word on the Street

Want to align your profits with purpose & passion?   





the why group 
Hawthorn, Melbourne
VIC 3122, Australia.

Phone: +61 428 271 915
Email: rachael@thewhygroup.com.au




“co-creating purpose values-based businesses that drive purpose & profit” – the why group 

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the why group 

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Values Integration Workshop 

  • 2-hour session tailored to your business
  • Alignment across all teams - shared meaning, united in understanding and application 
  • Collaborative benchmarks, clear agreed upon behaviours, expectations and standards 
    of play
  • Focused next steps determined in Session with accountability measures locked and loaded  
  • 30, 60 & 90 day follow up and check in on progression, results and impact to business 

Investment: $1,500 plus GST & Travel 

How we can help...

When you look around how do you know your workplace culture 
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Current & recent clients 

Over a decade of experience with powerful brands 

Articles currently featured in following publications

Right Culture FIT
Recruitment Strategy 
Right Person, Right Role, Right FIT Overview

  • Working with your hiring team, we evaluate what what's not working, what is and areas of opportunity
  • Using the Recruitment Strategy developed by the why group (TWG), we tailor this approach specifically to your business 
  • Entire process is rolled out within 3 weeks  
  • What makes us different. It is a given your new superstar will have the experience, skills and qualifications for the role. Our focus ensures you always get the right culture fit - every time
  • The process maps back and is based on your Businesses Values, which drive the behaviours that ensure the Mission is being executed daily with the Vision always front of mind
  • Coolest part we proactively teach your people how to do this for business on-going 

Investment: $5,000 plus GST & Travel 

Culture - WHY YOU
Culture & Engagement Diagnostic  
Diagnostic Overview

  • Complete diagnostic analysis of your business using our 4-Dimensional model. A complete methodology for how to think about all areas within your business to grow revenue streams, scale and maintain or advance your culture
  • Detailed unpack to of findings, identified gaps, potential leverage points and capacity for growth 
  • Custom Report to equip you, your leaders/teams with strategies, tactics and recommendations for increase engagement, impact and results 
  • Together we create a strategic plan for implementation 
  • Next, we TAKE ACTION baby, rolling out the framework within your business 
  • Consistently benchmarking and reporting throughout 
  • GIDDY UP!!!

Investment: $7,000 plus GST & Travel 

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